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General Information

Why do I need my own user profile?

Accurate account information is imperative to providing the best professional education experience.

Authentic individual account information helps your professional licensing by allowing:

  • Timely and accurate reporting of completion hours to your state professional license regulating agency
  • State compliant regulatory information on completion documents
  • Access complete records of your individual professional education


Each professional will have their own registered account with RIOT Education which must be created with an accessible e-mail address.

Sharing your user log-in with others creates a significant delay in the education reporting that helps your license renew on time. In addition to delaying the reporting of hours to state regulating agencies, it does not ensure accurate completion documents.

How do I get an email address?

Don’t have a personal email address and are not sure how to create one?

No problem, there are many providers that offer free email services! Feel free to look at the few we have provided links for down below. These are organizations that provide a safe product for you to use and are just a few that are offered out there.

What is the difference between Onsite and Online Courses?

RIOT’s Online Certifications and Onsite Certifications are geared to achieve a similar goal in two very different ways. The goal is to make you the most effective and most qualified professional that you can be. Achieving that is done in our online course through a combination of interactive technology.

In our Onsite program, it is achieved by immersion in a great program with excellent instructors. They both come down to two main things – cutting edge methodology and sincere, professional people who are concerned about your progress.  If you want the online course to best suit your needs but still want an onsite experience, we invite you to take advantace of our ultimate success bundles which combine the two approaches. Remember, to check your licensing requirements for limits on Continuing Education hours earned Online.

How do I Register or Create a User Profile?

One of the first things you will want to do is sign up for a free “My RIOT” account. You will click Student Login in upper right hand corner. In the box that comes up in the lower left side click, “Don’t have a login? Register now.”

Your user name will be the email address you enter. Once you have completed the registration, you will receive a confirmation email with your information enclosed. Keep this in a safe place in case you forget your user name and password.

It is vital that you complete all profile fields to ensure correct reporting of your education credits.

Please note: Each professional will need their own registered account with RIOT and an accessible email address.


Can I take my courses on iPad/iPhone/SmartPhone?

Yes with some exceptions.  The majority of our courses will likely work on an iPad, however we highly recommend you a have a  desktop or laptop as a backup source to complete your courses.

We also recommend:

-Viewing the content vertically, it will give you a better overall experience.

-Using Google Chrome browser rather than Safari will help decrease the number of technical issues.

Other things to be aware of:

-Flash is not supported on the iPad. Some interactive reviews will not work and will show up blank. (This is a case where you would need to have a laptop or desktop.)

-Mobile devices have “watered” down browsers and our course software is very robust, this is why it does not work for all content.

Clearing Cache on iDevice

Your iPad’s cache is temporary storage space on your device where web pages you recently viewed are held. Your cache allows Safari to quickly load previously visited pages. If you’re having trouble viewing courses, logging into courses or seeing your browser display pages incorrectly, you can try clearing your cache. Here’s how to clear it:

  • Exit all instances of Safari you have running ( Note that Safari could be running in the background even after you close it. See the tip on Closing Background Apps below)
  • Click on “Settings” (This will vary depending upon how you have your icons set up)
  • Click “Safari” in the Settings column on the left side
  • Click “Clear Cookies”
  • Confirm by clicking “Clear”
  • Repeat with “Clear History” and “Clear Cache”

Other Tech Tips

Closing applications running in the background (Links for iPhone or iPod but are the same principle for the iPad)

Clearing Cache for Google Chrome Browser

Downloading the Google Chrome Browser

Can I take online courses from different computers?

Yes! Since our system runs fully on our web server, you are able to login from any internet connected computer, anywhere, at any time. Start at the office and finish at home! Note: Make sure you close out of the course before moving to another computer, specifically in any state that requires a seat timer.

Pop-Up Blocker - Google Chrome

If you are clicking the open icon and nothing happens you may want to add Elite as an exception to your pop-up blocker. Click Menu Icon Click on Settings Click on Show advanced settings (towards the bottom) Under the Privacy Category Click on Content Settings Scroll To Category where it says Pop-ups Click On Manage Exceptions Where it says Hostname Pattern type in and make sure the behavior is set to allow. Click Done Click Done on Content Settings Screen Close out the settings tab. (x in right corner of tab)

I Cant See my Purchased Courses

There are a few items that can cause this issue.

-Your first step will be to clear  Cache and Cookies

(IE, FireFox, Chrome)

-If running IE you will want to disable compatibility view

-If clearing cache and cookies does not work, you will want to make sure javaScript is enabled

-If you still can’t see your list try an alternate browser

Please note that some companies (Government, Banks, etc) have firewalls and custom security settings. If none of the above options work for you or you are not able to change settings then you will need your IT Dept to add (whitelist) Elite to the Firewall, and for IE add to trusted sites.

Still cannot see the course list? Submit a ticket at the Support Desk 

I Cant Log In

Mae sure you are using the correct infomation – the information you used when you registered. 

Go back to our website at, click Student Login in the upper right hand corner, enter in your email address and then click “Forgot Password”. A new password will be emailed to you.

Be sure to also check your junk/spam folder, sometimes the emails get directed there.

Can I Print Course Material?

Yes, if you see a Download Course Materials button, you can print it!

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